Chocolate Malt



Chocolate Malt, a type of roasted malt, is commonly used in the brewing process to add depth and complexity to a variety of beer styles. With a rich, black color, it provides a visually appealing hue to the finished product, particularly in porters and stouts, where it is most frequently utilized. Chocolate Malt's color contribution can range from brown to dark brown and even black, depending on the quantity used, thus playing a pivotal role in the beer's visual aesthetics.

Chocolate Malt is celebrated for its distinctive taste profile. It imparts a warm, roasted character to the beer, reminiscent of dark chocolate or cocoa. These notes provide a delightful counterbalance to the sweetness of other malts, contributing to an overall balanced taste. The dark, bitter, and slightly nutty flavors derived from chocolate malt serve to enhance the richness and intensity of the beer, making it a preferred choice for brewers seeking to create multi-dimensional, robust brews.



337 < 932 < 1,333 EBC
127 < 350 < 500 °L


0.5 < 3.8 < 13.1 %

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