Coffee Malt



Coffee Malt, a roasted grain with a black color, is an essential ingredient in beer brewing that adds unique flavors and influences the taste of the final product. This malt imparts rich coffee-like notes to the beer, giving it a distinct flavor profile reminiscent of dark roast coffee or espresso. Its influence on the taste of beer is evident through its strong presence in aroma and flavor.

Coffee Malt finds various applications in brewing. It is commonly used as a specialty malt to enhance stouts, porters, and other dark beers by adding depth and complexity to their profiles. The properties of Coffee Malt contribute not only to flavor but also add body and color to these styles. With its roasted characteristics, this grain introduces bitter-sweetness akin to coffee into the brew without overpowering it. When using Coffee Malt in brewing, brewers often employ it alongside other malts such as chocolate malt or caramel malt for added complexity.



399 < 399 < 639 EBC
150 < 150 < 240 °L


0.9 < 3.9 < 18.3 %

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