Dark Chocolate Malt



Dark Chocolate Malt is a roasted grain that adds deep, rich flavors of dark chocolate to beer. Its flavor profile consists of strong notes of cocoa and bitter chocolate, with hints of roastiness and coffee-like bitterness. The use of Dark Chocolate Malt in beer brewing greatly influences the taste by imparting a complex and robust character to the finished product.

This malt is commonly used for adding depth and complexity in stouts, porters, and other dark beers. It brings a velvety smoothness to the mouthfeel while enhancing the overall flavor profile with its distinct chocolaty notes. In addition to its flavorful contributions, Dark Chocolate Malt also contributes color to the beer due to its black hue.

With its deep flavors and ability to enhance both taste and appearance, Dark Chocolate Malt has become an essential ingredient in many craft breweries' repertoire. Its properties make it ideal for creating rich, full-bodied beers that are enjoyed by those seeking a decadent drinking experience.



828 < 1,119 < 1,759 EBC
311 < 420 < 660 °L

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