Debittered Black Malt



Debittered Black Malt is a grain used in beer brewing that has a distinct flavor profile. Unlike regular black malt, this specialty malt undergoes an extra step to remove much of the bitterness while still retaining its dark color. It imparts roasted and chocolate flavors to the beer without overwhelming it with harsh or burnt notes. The debittered character of this malt allows brewers to add complexity and depth to their beers without compromising on drinkability.

When used in brewing, Debittered Black Malt influences the taste of beer by providing rich flavors reminiscent of cocoa, coffee, and dark chocolate. Its roasted qualities contribute a subtle sweetness and smoothness to the overall flavor profile. This ingredient is commonly utilized in stouts, porters, and brown ales where it adds color as well as enhancing maltiness and body. With its lower acidity compared to regular black malts, Debittered Black Malt offers more control over balancing the flavors in these styles.



1,373 < 1,466 < 1,509 EBC
515 < 550 < 566 °L


0.2 < 2.6 < 10.6 %

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