Emmer Malt

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Emmer Malt, a type of other malt, is widely used in beer brewing for its unique flavor profile and influence on the taste of beer. With its amber color, this grain adds depth and complexity to brews. Emmer Malt imparts a rich nutty and slightly sweet flavor with hints of caramel and honey. These flavors help to enhance the overall taste experience by providing a malty backbone that balances out hop bitterness.

Due to its distinct properties, Emmer Malt finds application in various beer styles such as brown ales, porters, stouts, and Belgian beers. Its ability to contribute robust flavors makes it an excellent choice for adding richness and smoothness to darker beers. Additionally, it can be utilized as part of the grist bill or combined with other specialty malts to create more complex recipes.



3 < 25 < 25 EBC
2 < 10 < 10 °L


6.1 < 23.2 < 50.0 %

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