Flaked Quinoa

Unmalted Adjunct


Flaked Quinoa, a light-colored unmalted adjunct grain, has found its way into the world of beer brewing with its unique flavor profile and influence on taste. This ingredient brings a distinct nutty and earthy flavor to beers, adding complexity to their overall character. Its use in beer brewing enhances the mouthfeel by providing a silky texture while contributing subtle hints of sweetness.

Apart from flavor enhancement, Flaked Quinoa is primarily used as an adjunct in beer recipes. It aids in improving head retention and contributes to a fuller body in the finished product. Additionally, it serves as an alternative source of fermentable sugars during fermentation. Due to these properties, Flaked Quinoa is commonly incorporated into various styles such as pale ales, wheat beers, and even experimental brews that aim for gluten-free options or increased nutritional value.



1 < 1 < 9 EBC
1 < 1 < 4 °L


2.3 < 6.2 < 21.3 %

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