Golden Promise Malt

Base Malt


Golden Promise Malt is a highly regarded base malt in the world of beer brewing. It imparts a distinct flavor profile characterized by its rich, sweet, and malty notes with hints of biscuit and toast. This unique flavor profile greatly influences the taste of beers brewed with Golden Promise Malt, adding depth and complexity to their overall flavor profiles.

Due to its exceptional qualities, Golden Promise Malt is widely used in various styles of beer. It works particularly well in English-style ales such as pale ales, bitters, and stouts. Its properties make it an excellent choice for creating balanced and full-bodied brews. With its light color, Golden Promise Malt adds a beautiful golden hue to beers while providing enough fermentable sugars for proper fermentation.



4 < 7 < 7 EBC
2 < 3 < 3 °L


6.7 < 65.5 < 100.0 %

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