Green Malt

Base Malt


Green Malt is gaining popularity in the beer brewing industry for its unique flavor profile and influence on taste. It imparts a fresh and grassy aroma to beers, reminiscent of newly harvested grains. This distinct flavor adds depth and complexity to the final product. As an ingredient in beer brewing, it is primarily used for enhancing the overall taste experience. Its flavors can range from slightly sweet to earthy notes depending on the specific grain variety used. The malt's properties contribute body and mouthfeel to beers while also providing fermentable sugars necessary for yeast fermentation.

Brewers often utilize Green Malt in various beer styles such as pale ales, lagers, or even experimental brews due to its versatility. It works well in recipes where a clean yet characterful malt presence is desired without overwhelming other ingredients. By incorporating Green Malt into their creations, brewers are able to achieve distinctively flavorful beers that stand out among traditional options.



14 < 14 < 14 EBC
6 < 6 < 6 °L


24.4 < 24.4 < 24.4 %

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