Honey Malt



Honey Malt, a toasted grain with a dark color, adds a unique flavor profile to beer brewing. It imparts notes of warm honey, biscuit, and caramel that create a rich and sweet taste experience. The influence of Honey Malt on the taste of beer is significant as it contributes depth and complexity while enhancing sweetness without being overly cloying.

This malt is commonly used for both its flavor and aromatic properties in various beer styles. It can be employed in pale ales, amber beers, stouts, porters, or even Belgian-style brews to add character and balance. With its ability to provide distinct flavors reminiscent of honey and caramelized sugars, Honey Malt brings an inviting richness that complements many different beer recipes. Whether adding subtle nuances or making bold statements within the overall flavor profile of the final product, this versatile ingredient continues to find favor among brewers seeking to create exceptional craft beers.



49 < 65 < 65 EBC
19 < 25 < 25 °L


1.1 < 4.8 < 20.9 %

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