Maris Otter Malt

Base Malt


Maris Otter Malt is a highly regarded grain used as a base malt in beer brewing. Its light color makes it suitable for a variety of beer styles, including pale ales, bitters, and stouts. The use of Maris Otter Malt in these beers contributes to their distinct flavor profiles.One of the key properties of Maris Otter Malt is its rich and complex flavor. It imparts a slightly sweet and biscuity taste to the beer, along with notes of toasted bread and caramel. This unique flavor profile adds depth and character to the finished product, enhancing the overall drinking experience. In addition to its flavor contribution, Maris Otter Malt also provides excellent fermentability, which helps in achieving desired alcohol levels and promoting efficient fermentation. Moreover, it has good enzymatic activity, making it ideal for mashing and converting starches into fermentable sugars.



4 < 7 < 9 EBC
2 < 3 < 4 °L


8.9 < 72.0 < 100.0 %

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