Melanoidin Malt

Also known as: Melano, Red X, Toasted Malt



Melanoidin Malt is a toasted grain that adds a distinct flavor profile to beer brewing. It contributes rich, malty flavors with hints of bread crust, toffee, and caramel. The malt's deep color translates into a beautiful reddish hue in the finished beer. The inclusion of Melanoidin Malt greatly influences the taste of beer by enhancing its body and mouthfeel while adding complexity to the overall flavor profile. Its unique characteristics provide depth and sweetness without being overly cloying or overpowering other ingredients.

This specialty malt is commonly used in beers where malt-forward profiles are desired such as Märzen/Oktoberfest lagers, Scottish Ales, Bocks, Vienna Lagers, and Belgian-Style Dubbels. Its properties include improving head retention and stability while adding both color and aroma to the final product



30 < 65 < 93 EBC
12 < 25 < 36 °L


1.1 < 4.6 < 88.2 %

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