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Millet Malt is a versatile grain that has found its application in beer brewing. It offers a unique flavor profile characterized by subtle nuttiness and a delicate sweetness, adding depth and complexity to the taste of beer. The inclusion of Millet Malt influences the overall flavor, enhancing malt flavors while contributing to a smooth mouthfeel.

Due to its properties, Millet Malt is primarily used as an alternative grain for gluten-free beers or for those seeking variety in their brews. Its golden color adds visual appeal to the final product, making it an attractive option for brewers looking to experiment with different hues in their beers. Additionally, Millet Malt can be used as part of the grist bill in various beer styles such as pale ales, lagers, and stouts, allowing brewers to create gluten-free versions of these traditionally brewed beers without compromising on taste or quality.



1 < 10 < 311 EBC
1 < 4 < 117 °L


2.9 < 40.0 < 100.0 %

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