Munich Malt

Base Malt


Munich Malt, a rich, flavorful base grain, is extensively used in beer brewing to achieve a deep golden color and full-bodied malty flavor. As a base malt, it forms the bulk of the grain bill and is responsible for providing the fermentable sugars necessary for yeast fermentation. It carries an intensive color, imparting a golden hue to the beer, which is often associated with premium and high-quality brews.

The application of Munich Malt is predominantly found in traditional beer styles such as Oktoberfest, Bock, and Munich Dunkel. However, it is also a preferred choice for brewing many modern craft beers, including American Amber Ales and Imperial Red Ales. The flavor profile that Munich Malt imparts to the beer is primarily sweet, with undertones of light caramel and toasty biscuit. Its unique blend of flavors enhances the complexity and depth of the beer, rendering it an invaluable ingredient for brewers seeking to craft beers with an intricate and balanced taste profile.



12 < 20 < 132 EBC
5 < 8 < 50 °L


2.1 < 11.4 < 81.1 %

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