Roasted Barley Malt

Also known as: Black Pearl



Roasted Barley Malt is a key ingredient in beer brewing, known for its distinctive flavor profile and ability to greatly influence the taste of the final product. It adds a deep roasted, almost coffee-like flavor to the beer, with notes of chocolate and nuttiness. This malt brings a rich complexity to the brew, enhancing its overall depth and character.

Roasted Barley Malt is typically employed in small quantities to bring out specific flavors and colors in darker beer styles such as stouts, porters, and dark ales. Its dark black color contributes to the intense hue of these beers. Additionally, this malt has unique properties that contribute to both flavor and body. It provides a slight bitterness and dryness to balance out the sweetness of other malts used in brewing.



591 < 799 < 1,733 EBC
222 < 300 < 650 °L


0.5 < 3.5 < 12.9 %

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