Smoke Malt

Base Malt


Smoke Malt, a type of base malt with a light color, is widely used in beer brewing for its unique flavor profile and the distinct taste it imparts to the final product. The smoke malt brings smoky and sometimes earthy flavors reminiscent of smoked meats or campfires. These flavors provide an additional layer of complexity to the beer, giving it a rich and robust character that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts seeking something beyond traditional brews.

The influence of Smoke Malt on the taste of beer is undeniable as it adds depth and enhances overall flavor profiles. It infuses notes such as bacon, peat, or even charred wood into beers. This makes it particularly popular in styles where these flavors are desirable or complementary, like rauchbier (a German style known for its intense smokiness) or certain stouts and porters. In addition to enhancing flavor, Smoke Malt also contributes to mouthfeel and body due to its grain properties.

Smoke Malt finds itself predominantly utilized for crafting specialty beers that aim at delivering bold smoky undertones alongside other desired characteristics. Its distinctive properties make it an excellent choice when brewers wish to experiment with unique flavors while staying true to their craft's traditions. By skillfully incorporating this exceptional ingredient into various recipes, brewers can create memorable experiences for those seeking unconventional tastes in their favorite pint.



4 < 7 < 23 EBC
2 < 3 < 9 °L


0.6 < 7.2 < 87.8 %

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