Toffee Malt



Toffee Malt, a toasted grain with a golden color, is widely used in beer brewing for its distinctive flavor profile. It imparts rich toffee-like flavors and aromas to the beer, adding depth and complexity to the taste. The malt's influence on the overall flavor of the brew can range from subtle hints of caramel sweetness to more pronounced notes reminiscent of buttery toffee.

Besides enhancing the taste of beer, Toffee Malt serves various purposes in brewing. Its high enzyme content aids in converting starches into fermentable sugars during mashing, contributing to improved fermentation efficiency and higher alcohol content. Additionally, it provides body and mouthfeel while also increasing foam stability due to its protein content.

Typically utilized in darker styles such as stouts, porters, brown ales, or even barleywines; Toffee Malt adds a delightful touch of sweetness and warmth that complements these robust beers exceptionally well. However, it can also be employed judiciously in lighter styles like pale ales or lagers for an added layer of complexity without overwhelming their delicate profiles.



10 < 13 < 27 EBC
4 < 5 < 11 °L


1.6 < 5.1 < 24.8 %

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