Torrified Barley Malt

Unmalted Adjunct


Torrified Barley Malt is a grain commonly used in beer brewing that adds unique flavors and characteristics to the final product. It has a light color and imparts a distinct malty flavor profile, with notes of toasted bread and biscuit. This malt plays a significant role in influencing the taste of beer by adding depth, complexity, and sweetness.

Torrified Barley Malt is primarily employed as an adjunct in brewing. It aids in enhancing body and improving head retention while providing fermentable sugars for yeast to convert into alcohol during fermentation. Its properties allow it to easily absorb water without requiring mashing or steeping like traditional malted grains. Typical beer styles brewed using Torrified Barley Malt include English-style ales such as bitters, milds, stouts, and porters. These beers benefit from the added layers of caramel-like flavors contributed by this particular type of unmalted adjunct grain.



4 < 4 < 4 EBC
2 < 2 < 2 °L


1.8 < 34.3 < 95.4 %

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