Unmalted Millet

Unmalted Adjunct


Unmalted Millet, a type of grain used as an unmalted adjunct in beer brewing, offers unique flavor characteristics that can greatly influence the taste of beer. It imparts a delicate and slightly sweet flavor profile with hints of grassy notes. This adds a subtle complexity to the overall taste experience.

Due to its light color, Unmalted Millet is often incorporated into lighter beer styles such as lagers and pilsners. Its use helps enhance mouthfeel and head retention while contributing minimal impact on color or body. Brewers also utilize Unmalted Millet for gluten-free brewing purposes since it does not contain any gluten proteins found in traditional malted grains like barley or wheat.

With its properties as an unmalted adjunct, Unmalted Millet serves multiple purposes in beer production. It aids in improving fermentation efficiency by providing additional fermentable sugars without adding excessive starches that could negatively affect clarity or stability. Additionally, it can contribute to better foam formation due to its high protein content, resulting in richer and longer-lasting heads on poured beers.



1 < 7 < 710 EBC
1 < 3 < 267 °L


2.2 < 11.1 < 87.0 %

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