Whisky Malt

Also known as: Distiller's Malt

Base Malt


Whisky Malt, a type of grain used as a base malt in beer brewing, possesses distinct flavor profiles that greatly influence the taste of the final product. With its light color and unique characteristics, Whisky Malt adds depth and complexity to beers. It imparts rich notes of caramel, toffee, and toasted grains which contribute to a malty sweetness while also providing a subtle smoky aroma.

The use of Whisky Malt in beer brewing is predominantly for enhancing the overall flavor profile. Its properties lend a smooth mouthfeel along with an added layer of complexity that elevates the brew's taste experience. This malt variety is commonly employed in crafting Scottish Ales, Scotch Ales, and certain styles of stouts where its distinctive flavors complement those robust beer styles perfectly.



1 < 5 < 16 EBC
1 < 2 < 7 °L


1.5 < 22.2 < 100.0 %

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