Birch Bark



Birch Bark, a spice and herb used in beer brewing, adds a unique flavor profile to the final product. With its distinct earthy and slightly sweet taste, Birch Bark influences the taste of beer by imparting subtle notes of wintergreen, mint, and even leather. This natural ingredient is often used for its aromatic qualities and ability to enhance complexity in various beer styles.

Apart from adding flavor, Birch Bark has several properties that make it beneficial for brewing. It contains compounds such as betulinic acid and methyl salicylate which contribute to its characteristic aroma and potential health benefits. Additionally, the antimicrobial properties found in Birch Bark can aid in preserving the freshness of beers during fermentation.

Typically utilized in craft breweries or homebrewing settings, Birch Bark finds application in different beer styles including stouts/porters, saisons/farmhouse ales, and gruits (herb-infused beers). Its addition can add depth to dark beers like stouts by complementing their roasty flavors with hints of herbal sweetness. In saisons or farmhouse ales where wild yeast strains are frequently employed for fermentation, Birch Bark contributes an intriguing layer of complexity alongside other spices like coriander or black pepper. Gruits benefit from this botanical ingredient as well because it imparts an earthy quality that aligns with their historical use of herbs instead of hops as bittering agents.



12 < 12 < 12 EBC
5 < 5 < 5 °L


2.1 < 2.1 < 2.1 %

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