Chipotle Pepper



Chipotle Pepper, a smoked and dried jalapeño pepper, has found its way into the world of beer brewing to add an intriguing twist to traditional brews. Known for its smoky flavor profile with hints of earthiness and spiciness, Chipotle Pepper brings a unique aroma and taste that can elevate any beer recipe. When used in moderation, it imparts a subtle smokiness that harmonizes well with various malt flavors.

The addition of Chipotle Pepper greatly influences the taste of beer by adding complexity and depth to the overall flavor profile. It introduces a gentle heat that lingers on the palate without overpowering other ingredients. Brewers often use this ingredient during different stages of the brewing process such as mashing or boiling to extract desired characteristics from it.

This spice is commonly used in crafting robust beers like stouts, porters, brown ales, or even Belgian-style saisons where it complements rich chocolatey notes or balances out sweeter malts with its mild spiciness. With their versatile properties, brewers are able to experiment creatively while incorporating Chipotle Peppers into their recipes to create truly unique and flavorful craft beers.



4 < 47 < 47 EBC
2 < 18 < 18 °L


4.9 < 9.3 < 15.5 %

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