Coffee Beans



Coffee Beans are a popular ingredient in beer brewing, adding unique flavors and aromas to the final product. The flavor profile of Coffee Beans can vary greatly depending on factors such as roasting level and origin, but common notes include roasted, chocolatey, nutty, and even fruity undertones. When used in brewing, Coffee Beans infuse their distinct flavors into the beer, creating a rich and complex taste.

The properties of Coffee Beans contribute not only to flavor but also aroma in beer brewing. As they are brewed alongside malted grains during fermentation or cold-brewed separately before blending into the base beer, their oils release aromatic compounds that create enticing scents reminiscent of freshly brewed coffee. They add depth and complexity to the malt character while imparting a pleasant bitterness that balances out sweetness. Coffee bean-infused beers often have a smooth mouthfeel with hints of cocoa or dark chocolate that enhance the overall drinking experience.

Coffee Beans are primarily used in specialty beers like stouts and porters due to their complementary flavors. These styles typically feature robust malts with roasted characteristics that pair well with the natural bitterness of Coffee Beans. Additionally, some brewers experiment with incorporating coffee into lighter styles such as pale ales or IPAs for added complexity.



32 < 202 < 269 EBC
12 < 76 < 102 °L

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