Coffee has become a popular addition to beer brewing, adding depth and complexity to the flavor profile. Its rich and robust taste brings notes of roasted bitterness, chocolatey sweetness, and even hints of fruitiness. The use of coffee in beer can greatly influence its taste by enhancing malt flavors or balancing out hop bitterness. It provides an earthy undertone that complements various beer styles.

Coffee is primarily used as an ingredient during the brewing process, either added directly into the mash or as part of the cold brew extraction method. Its properties include caffeine content which adds a slight kick to the final product while also contributing antioxidants that offer potential health benefits. Coffee-infused beers are commonly found in stouts and porters due to their natural compatibility with dark malts and roasted flavors, but it can also be incorporated into other styles such as brown ales or IPAs for a unique twist on traditional recipes.



12 < 399 < 800 EBC
5 < 150 < 300 °L

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