Also known as: Peppermint



Mint is a popular herb used in beer brewing, adding a refreshing and aromatic flavor profile to the brew. Its distinctive taste of coolness and sweetness complements various beer styles, enhancing their overall taste experience. Mint influences the taste of beer by imparting its characteristic flavors through essential oils and compounds present in its leaves.

In addition to flavor enhancement, Mint is also used for its medicinal properties. It is believed to aid digestion, provide relief from nausea, and promote relaxation. These attributes make it a suitable ingredient for certain types of beers such as herbal or fruit-infused varieties.

When using Mint in brewing, brewers can utilize fresh or dried Mint leaves during different stages of the process - including mashing, boiling, fermentation, or conditioning - depending on the desired intensity of flavor. Typical beer styles that incorporate Mint include wheat beers like Belgian Witbier or American Wheat Ale where it adds an invigorating touch to complement citrusy or fruity notes.



95 < 95 < 259 EBC
36 < 36 < 97 °L

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