Rooibos, a popular South African herbal tea, has found its way into the world of beer brewing and is making quite an impact. Known for its distinct flavor profile that includes sweet, nutty notes with hints of caramel and vanilla, Rooibos adds complexity and depth to beer. Its unique taste is influencing the overall flavor by providing a malty sweetness that balances out bitterness or hoppy flavors in beers.

The properties of Rooibos make it suitable for various applications in brewing. It can be used as an ingredient during mashing or steeped like tea after fermentation to infuse the desired flavors into the final product. Rooibos is often employed in specialty beers such as red ales, Belgian-style witbiers, or even stouts where it complements roasted malt characters exceptionally well.

With its versatility and flavorful qualities, Rooibos brings a touch of uniqueness to traditional beer styles while offering brewers endless possibilities for experimentation and creativity. Whether used as an infusion or added directly to the brew kettle, Rooibos provides an exciting twist on familiar beer styles that will surely entice adventurous drinkers seeking something new and delightful.



70 < 70 < 70 EBC
27 < 27 < 27 °L


1.6 < 1.6 < 1.6 %

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