Tamarind, known for its tangy and slightly sweet flavor profile, has found a unique application in beer brewing. It is often used to add depth and complexity to the taste of beer by providing a tart and fruity element. The Tamarind's influence on the overall taste can vary depending on how it is incorporated into the brewing process – whether through using Tamarind paste or extract during fermentation or adding fresh Tamarind pulp directly.

Apart from enhancing the flavor, Tamarind also brings certain properties that benefit beer production. Its natural acidity helps balance out sweetness in maltier beers while contributing a refreshing sourness. Tamarind can be utilized in various beer styles such as sours, fruit beers, and even stouts with added complexity. With its ability to impart both tartness and a hint of sweetness, brewers have been experimenting with this versatile spice & herb to create exciting new flavors in their brews.



8 < 47 < 1,230 EBC
4 < 18 < 462 °L


0.5 < 8.5 < 20.0 %

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