Vanilla, a popular spice and herb, has found its way into the world of beer brewing, adding a delightful twist to various styles. Known for its sweet and creamy flavor profile with hints of caramel and floral undertones, Vanilla brings a unique richness to beers. When used in moderation, it can enhance the complexity and depth of flavors in both dark and light beers.

Influencing the taste of beer, Vanilla imparts a smooth sweetness that balances well with different malt profiles. It adds an inviting aroma that complements the overall experience of drinking beer. Vanilla is commonly used as an adjunct ingredient during brewing or added through aging on oak barrels soaked in Vanilla extract or beans. Apart from its delectable taste characteristics, Vanilla possesses certain properties that make it favorable for use in beer production. Its natural oils contribute to improved head retention while lending a velvety mouthfeel to the brews. Additionally, vanillin compounds present in Vanilla act as antioxidants which help preserve the freshness of beers over time.

Typical beer styles brewed with Vanilla include stouts, porters, brown ales, cream ales, Belgian quadrupels (Quad), and barleywines. These styles benefit from the addition of Vanilla by creating harmonious flavor combinations such as chocolate-Vanilla notes in stouts or caramel-Vanilla accents in porters.



3 < 12 < 47 EBC
2 < 5 < 18 °L

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