Yarrow, a common spice and herb used in beer brewing, adds unique flavors to the beverage. It has an earthy and slightly spicy flavor profile that contributes both bitterness and floral notes to the taste of the beer. Yarrow is known for its ability to influence the taste by adding complexity and depth.

In addition to enhancing the flavor profile, Yarrow also possesses various properties that make it valuable in brewing. Its antimicrobial properties help inhibit unwanted bacteria growth during fermentation, ensuring a clean and stable product. Furthermore, Yarrow can act as a natural clarifying agent, aiding in clearing up any haze or sediment present in the beer.

Brewers use Yarrow primarily for its aromatic qualities and bittering capabilities. It is often added during boiling or steeping stages of the brewing process to extract these desirable characteristics. Yarrow is commonly found in traditional herbal beers such as gruits or farmhouse ales but can also be incorporated into other styles like pale ales or saisons where brewers aim for complex flavor profiles with subtle herbaceous undertones.


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