Brown Sugar



Brown Sugar can be a valuable ingredient in beer brewing due to its unique flavor profile. It adds a rich, caramel-like sweetness with hints of molasses and toffee, which can enhance the overall taste of the beer. The use of Brown Sugar in brewing is primarily for adding complexity and depth to the finished product.

As an adjunct, Brown Sugar contributes fermentable sugars that provide additional alcohol content during fermentation. Its properties also include improving body and mouthfeel while creating a smooth finish. Brown Sugar is commonly used in darker beer styles such as stouts, porters, and barley wines where its robust flavors complement the roasted malt character. Additionally, it can be utilized in certain Belgian-style beers like dubbels and quadrupels to add complexity alongside other dark candi sugars or syrups.



16 < 39 < 132 EBC
6 < 15 < 50 °L


1.1 < 6.3 < 33.3 %

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