Sugar Fermentables

Sugar is an important ingredient in the brewing process, as it provides the primary fuel source for yeast during fermentation. Fermentable sugars, such as maltose, are consumed by yeast, which then produce alcohol, carbon dioxide, and other compounds. This is fundamental to the process of making beer. However, the use of additional sugars in brewing can serve several other purposes. Some sugars can be added to increase the alcohol content without significantly increasing the body or the flavor of the beer, which allows brewers to create higher-alcohol beers that are still light and easy to drink. Other sugars can contribute unique flavors to the final product. For instance, Belgian candi sugar is often used in certain styles of Belgian ales to provide distinct flavors and aromas. The type of sugar used, its quantity, and the timing of its addition can all impact the characteristics of the final beer.

Most popular:
  1. Maltodextrin
  2. Lactose (Milk Sugar)
  3. Rice Syrup
  4. Cane Sugar
  5. Molasses