Rice Syrup



Rice Syrup, a sugar derived from rice, has found its application in beer brewing due to its unique flavor profile and properties. It imparts a light and crisp sweetness to the beer, enhancing the overall taste and mouthfeel. The use of Rice Syrup in brewing can result in a drier finish and lighter body compared to other sugars like malt or corn syrup.

Rice Syrup is primarily used as an adjunct ingredient by brewers for various purposes. It can serve as a fermentable sugar source during the brewing process, providing additional alcohol content without adding excess flavors or colors. Rice Syrup also aids in improving head retention and promoting a clean fermentation profile. Due to its light flavor characteristics, Rice Syrup is commonly employed in brewing styles where subtlety is key. It is often used in lagers such as American Light Lager and Japanese Rice Lager, contributing to their refreshing nature while maintaining balance with other ingredients.



1 < 1 < 4 EBC
1 < 1 < 2 °L


3.4 < 16.7 < 100.0 %

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