Corn Sugar

Also known as: Dextrose



Corn Sugar, also known as dextrose or corn syrup solids, is a fermentable sugar commonly used in beer brewing. It has a subtle and clean flavor profile that adds sweetness without imparting any distinct taste of its own. When added to the brewing process, Corn Sugar increases the alcohol content of beer while lightening its body and mouthfeel.

In addition to boosting alcohol levels, Corn Sugar is often used for priming during bottle conditioning. This involves adding a small amount of sugar to fermented beer before bottling, which creates carbonation through secondary fermentation. Corn Sugar's high fermentability makes it an ideal choice for this purpose as it quickly converts into CO2 without leaving residual sweetness behind.

The properties of Corn Sugar include its solubility in water, rapid fermentation rate by yeast, and ability to contribute lighter flavors and textures to beers. Its use is particularly common in American lagers such as Budweiser or Coors where it helps create crispness and dryness but can also be found in various other styles like cream ales or blonde ales that benefit from increased drinkability and enhanced clarity provided by Corn Sugars' characteristics.



0 < 0 < 1 EBC
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1.5 < 6.9 < 69.5 %

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