Candi Syrup



Candi Syrup is a popular ingredient in beer brewing due to its unique flavor profile. It adds rich, complex notes of caramel, toffee, and dark fruit to the beer, enhancing its overall taste. The syrup's deep flavors greatly influence the final product by adding sweetness and depth that can complement or balance other ingredients in the recipe.

In addition to providing flavor, Candi Syrup also serves various purposes in brewing. It acts as a fermentable sugar source for yeast during fermentation, contributing towards increased alcohol content and carbonation. Furthermore, it aids in improving body and mouthfeel while promoting better head retention.

Candi Syrup possesses specific properties that make it an ideal choice for certain beer styles. Its high concentration of sugars allows brewers to achieve higher gravity levels without using excessive malt quantities. This makes it particularly suitable for stronger beers such as Belgian Dubbels or Tripels where a fuller body and higher ABV are desired. Additionally, Candi Syrup can be used creatively in other styles like stouts or barleywines to add complexity and depth of flavor.



1 < 212 < 480 EBC
1 < 80 < 180 °L


1.7 < 8.0 < 25.0 %

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