Turbinado, a type of sugar commonly used in beer brewing, brings its distinct flavor profile and influences the taste of the final product. With its rich caramel-like flavor and subtle molasses undertones, Turbinado adds depth and complexity to beers. Its unique sweetness complements various styles by providing a smooth mouthfeel and enhancing overall balance.

Apart from imparting flavors, Turbinado is primarily used as a fermentable sugar during the brewing process. It serves as an additional food source for yeast during fermentation, resulting in increased alcohol content without adding excessive sweetness or heaviness to the finished beer. Due to its high solubility rate, it easily dissolves into wort while also contributing desirable color characteristics.

The properties of Turbinado make it suitable for different beer styles such as stouts, porters, Belgian ales, brown ales, and even some IPAs. Its ability to lend complexity without overpowering other ingredients allows brewers to create well-rounded brews with added depth. Whether highlighting roasted malts in dark beers or complementing fruity esters in Belgian-style ales – Turbinado has become an essential ingredient for craft brewers seeking unique flavor profiles in their creations.



20 < 25 < 25 EBC
8 < 10 < 10 °L


1.4 < 6.1 < 24.2 %

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