Corn Syrup

Also known as: Brewers Crystals



Corn Syrup is widely used in beer brewing as a fermentable sugar. It has a mild and neutral flavor profile, which makes it an ideal ingredient for enhancing the taste of various beer styles. Its use can contribute to the overall sweetness and body of the beer without imparting any distinct flavors.

In terms of its influence on the taste of beer, Corn Syrup helps to balance out bitterness by adding a touch of sweetness. It also contributes to the mouthfeel and texture, giving beers a smoother and fuller body. Additionally, Corn Syrup aids in fermentation as yeast easily consumes its sugars during the brewing process.

The properties of Corn Syrup make it highly desirable for brewers. Not only does it have excellent fermentability, but it also adds stability to beers by preventing excessive thinning or drying out during fermentation. Corn Syrup is commonly used in light lagers and American-style adjunct lagers due to its ability to produce crisp and refreshing brews with well-rounded flavors.



0 < 1 < 4 EBC
1 < 1 < 2 °L


1.5 < 9.2 < 100.0 %

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