Hallertau (NZ) Hops

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Hallertau hops, originally from Germany, have found a unique expression in the soils and climate of New Zealand. The New Zealand Hallertau variant, often referred to as Hallertau (NZ), is a triploid hop that was bred from the German Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and a New Zealand male cultivar. This innovative breeding was introduced in 1988 by HortResearch, which is now known as the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research. One of the standout characteristics of this hop is its distinct lime 'zing' that underlies a delicate floral aroma, setting it apart from its German counterpart.

While the New Zealand Hallertau has its roots in the Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, the influence of its New Zealand parentage has significantly altered its aroma and flavor profile. As a result, it isn't regarded as a "true" Hallertau by purists. However, this hasn't deterred brewers, especially those crafting Australian Ales, from appreciating its unique qualities. Hallertau (NZ) is celebrated for its clean taste, which it retains remarkably well, making it a favorite among many brewers.


Alpha Acid

6.1 < 7.0 < 8.5 %

Beta Acid

2.4 < 3.0 < 3.0 %


7.7 < 40.0 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Aroma

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