Cascade Hops

Dual Purpose
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  1. Centennial
  2. Citra
  3. Amarillo
  4. Chinook
  5. Columbus
  6. Simcoe
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Cascade hops are an immensely popular hop variety that originated in the United States and have become a cornerstone of American craft brewing. Developed by the USDA breeding program in Oregon in the 1950s, Cascade hops were first released in 1972 and quickly gained popularity among brewers for their unique flavor profile and excellent brewing characteristics. They are the result of a cross between the English Fuggle hop and a Russian variety called Serebrianka, with additional genes from wild hops native to the American Pacific Northwest. The iconic status of Cascade hops can be largely attributed to their role in the creation of American Pale Ales, most notably in the renowned Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which helped to shape the modern craft beer movement.

The flavor profile of Cascade hops is characterized by a distinctive floral, citrus, and grapefruit aroma, with a moderate bitterness that balances well in a variety of beer styles. This hop variety is especially well-suited for American Pale Ales, IPAs, and Amber Ales, where the refreshing citrus notes contribute to a crisp and invigorating finish. Homebrewers fond of experimenting with hop-forward styles will find that Cascade hops blend well with other American hop varieties such as Centennial and Amarillo, creating a complex and layered hop character.

When brewing with Cascade hops, homebrewers can expect a versatile and easy-to-use ingredient that shines at various stages of the brewing process. They can be added during the boil for bittering, late in the boil for flavor, or as a dry hop addition for enhanced aroma. The typical alpha acid content of Cascade hops ranges from 4.5% to 7.0%, making them an ideal choice for imparting a balanced bitterness without overwhelming the palate. Their distinctive flavor and aroma, coupled with their rich history, make Cascade hops a must-try for any homebrewer looking to craft exceptional American-style beers.


Alpha Acid

4.8 < 6.5 < 8.9 %

Beta Acid

5.2 < 6.0 < 6.1 %


9.1 < 42.9 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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