Dual Purpose Hops for Brewing

Dual-purpose hops are a category of hops used in beer brewing that possess both bittering and aroma qualities. These versatile hops combine the attributes of high alpha acid levels, responsible for imparting bitterness, and essential oils that provide aroma and flavor, thus offering brewers the flexibility to use them at different stages of the brewing process.

In beer brewing, dual-purpose hops can be added during the boil for bittering, or later in the process as a flavor or aroma addition. The utilization of these hops allows brewers to create well-rounded and complex beers, as they can provide a balance of bitterness, flavor, and aroma in a single hop variety. Examples of popular dual-purpose hops include Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe, which are known for their distinct flavor profiles and have become staples in the craft brewing industry.

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List of Dual Purpose Hops

Most popular:
  1. Mosaic
  2. HBC 1019
  3. Nectaron
  4. Chinook
  5. Nelson Sauvin