Most Hops

Also known as: Möst

Dual Purpose
🇨🇿 Czech Republic
  1. Cascade
  2. Magnum
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Developed by Charles Faram & Co Ltd and named Most by the Czech growers, the name translates to "bridge", symbolizing the connection between the UK and the Czech Republic. This hop variety is a sister to both Jester and Olicana and holds the distinction of being the first hop from the Charles Faram Development Program to be cultivated outside the UK, specifically in the Czech Republic. Released commercially in 2020, Most made a significant impression by winning its category in the Wellhopped World Series competition the same year, competing against other Charles Faram developed varieties from various countries.

The aroma of Most hops is a delightful blend of red fruit, stone fruit, citrus, apricot, lemon, and spicy notes. Described as having a scent reminiscent of strawberry bubblegum complemented by tropical citrus and fresh undertones, it's no wonder that this hop variety has been described as potent, especially for a hop grown in the Czech Republic. Its unique flavor profile makes it apt for a range of beer styles, from crisp lagers to hazy pale ales and even old ales. Those who have had the privilege of experiencing this hop firsthand, especially in an American Pale Ale, have praised its fresh fruity bubblegum notes.


Alpha Acid

7.3 < 9.7 < 11.2 %


13.2 < 75.7 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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