Jester Hops

🇬🇧 Great Britain


Jester hops, a proprietary variety developed by Charles Faram & Co Ltd in the UK, offer a refreshing departure from traditional English hop profiles. It is a seedling of the Cascade hop and was commercially introduced in 2013. Its flavor and aroma profile, reminiscent of wild fruit-centric US hop varieties, led to its comparison with popular US hops like Cascade, Centennial, and Columbus. This "New-World" style hop was so distinct from traditional English hops that its name, "Jester", is believed to have been chosen due to the disbelief that such a hop could be English, with many suggesting it must be a joke.

This hop variety is renowned for its robust and forward notes of tropical fruits, grapefruit, and blackcurrant, with subtle hints of lychee. While its distinct flavor profile makes it ideal for mid to late additions in the brewing process, it is also an excellent choice for dry hopping. However, its use as a bittering hop is limited, as it imparts a mild, herbal resonance when used in this capacity.


Alpha Acid

6.2 < 8.0 < 15.0 %

Beta Acid

2.0 < 5.0 < 6.0 %


10.5 < 42.9 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Aroma

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