Hops with Grapefruit Flavor

Grapefruit flavor is desirable in several beer styles, particularly those that emphasize fruity and citrusy notes. These styles include American Pale Ales, American India Pale Ales (IPAs), and American Wheat Ales. American Pale Ales and IPAs are known for their strong hop presence, which often imparts citrus flavors such as grapefruit, adding a refreshing zestiness and bitterness that complements the malt backbone. American Wheat Ales, on the other hand, may showcase grapefruit as a result of added fruit or fruit peels during the brewing process, giving the beer a fruity twist while maintaining its light, crisp body. Some breweries also produce fruit-infused variants of these styles, specifically incorporating grapefruit to create unique, thirst-quenching beverages perfect for warm weather enjoyment.

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