Waimea Hops

Dual Purpose
🇳🇿 New Zealand


Waimea hops, a dual-purpose variety, were first released in 2012 by The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited. This variety traces its parentage back to Californian Late Cluster, Saaz, and Fuggle. The Waimea hop is known for its high alpha acid content, ranging from 14.5-19%, and its low cohumulone content, which contributes to a smoother bitterness in beer. It also has a high oil content, which imparts a rich flavor and aroma to the brew.

The flavor profile of Waimea hops is characterized by a strong presence of pine and citrus notes, with a particular emphasis on tangelo or mandarin. This makes it well-suited for dual-purpose applications, from early kettle additions to dry hopping. The unique combination of quality bitterness and fresh citrus aroma notes makes Waimea hops a popular choice for a wide array of beer styles, including Pale Ale, IPA, and Lager. The high oil content and the unique flavor profile make Waimea hops an excellent choice for homebrewers looking to experiment with bold, flavorful brews.


Alpha Acid

13.0 < 15.0 < 18.0 %

Beta Acid

2.0 < 8.0 < 8.0 %


5.9 < 31.7 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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