Riwaka Hops

🇳🇿 New Zealand


Riwaka hops, also known as D Saaz, are a unique aroma hop variety originating from New Zealand. They were bred during the development of New Zealand Hops' 'hops with a difference' programme, and were officially released to the brewing world in 1997. The breeding process involved crossing the "Old Line" Saaz with specially developed New Zealand breeding selections. Riwaka hops are known for their abundant oil content, which is nearly twice that of its Saazer parent, contributing to its distinct flavor profile.

Riwaka hops are characterized by their extreme citrus notes, with aromas of passionfruit, grapefruit, lemon, and other tropical fruits. This powerful grapefruit and citrusy character is literally breathtaking during selection, making Riwaka a standout variety. The pure weight of the oil character experienced during selection carries right through to the glass, making it a punchy addition to new world styles of Pale Ales and New Zealand Pilseners. It's also suitable for big styles such as IPAs and Imperial Pilsners. Some brewers even consider Riwaka the "ultimate" hop for hoppy beers due to its strong sweet citrus note. If you're a homebrewer looking to say "New Zealand Hops" in your beer, Riwaka is an excellent choice.


Alpha Acid

4.0 < 5.5 < 6.2 %

Beta Acid

2.3 < 4.5 < 4.5 %


8.0 < 35.7 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Aroma

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