Tango Hops

Dual Purpose
🇩🇪 Germany
  1. Simcoe
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Tango hops, a modern marvel in the world of brewing, are a testament to the innovative spirit of hop breeders. Originating from the Hüll Hop Research Institute in the Hallertau region of Germany, Tango is a product of the union between the globally recognized Cascade and a male Hüll breeding line. This hop variety was developed as a response to the challenges posed by climate change and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection. As a result, Tango stands out as a climate-tolerant variety that offers excellent brewing quality, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional aroma varieties.

The flavor profile of Tango hops is both diverse and captivating. At its core, it carries classically hoppy notes, which are complemented by a delightful fruity aroma. When used early in the brewing process, Tango ensures a stable hop note, characterized by its pleasantly hoppy, fresh undertones with hints of citrus and green fruits. However, when added late or used for cold hopping, Tango unveils an impressively fruity aroma spectrum, dominated by passion fruit notes. This fruity character can be further amplified when brewed with aroma-intensive top-fermenting yeasts or ale yeasts.


Alpha Acid

6.5 < 12.0 < 13.6 %


16.3 < 53.7 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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