Hops with Cassis Flavor

Cassis flavor, which is derived from black currants, is considered desirable in certain beer styles where fruity, tangy, and slightly sweet notes are appreciated. These styles include Fruit Lambics, Fruit Beers, and some Sour Ales. Fruit Lambics, such as Kriek or Framboise, are Belgian beers that incorporate fruit during fermentation, lending a distinct fruit character and a balanced tartness. Similarly, Fruit Beers often showcase various fruit flavors by incorporating real fruits or fruit extracts, making cassis a welcome addition to the flavor profile. Finally, Sour Ales like American Wild Ales and Berliner Weisse can also benefit from the addition of cassis, as its rich, tangy flavor complements the beer's natural acidity and sourness, resulting in a complex and refreshing drinking experience.

Other descriptors going with Cassis: