African Queen Hops

Also known as: J17/63, Southern Queen

Dual Purpose
πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ South Africa


African Queen is a variety of beer hops that is known for its unique flavor and aroma profile. This hop was originally grown in South Africa and is a relatively new addition to the brewing world, having only been commercially available since 2014.

The African Queen hop has a complex flavor profile that is characterized by spicy and earthy notes, as well as a subtle hint of citrus. It also has a floral aroma that can be described as slightly sweet with a touch of pine. These characteristics make it a popular choice for brewers who are looking to create beers with a distinct flavor and aroma.

In addition to its unique taste and aroma, African Queen hops are also known for their high alpha acid content, which makes them a good choice for bittering agents in beer. Overall, the African Queen hop is a versatile and exciting addition to the world of beer brewing, and its popularity is only continuing to grow.


Alpha Acid

10.0 < 13.0 < 16.0 %

Beta Acid

2.0 < 2.0 < 5.6 %


8.3 < 43.5 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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