Azacca Hops

Dual Purpose
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Azacca hops, named after the Haitian god of agriculture, are a relatively recent addition to the brewing world, having been developed and released by the American Dwarf Hop Association in 2014. This unique hop variety is a result of breeding efforts to create a high-yielding and disease-resistant cultivar with a distinct flavor profile. It boasts parentage from the well-known Northern Brewer and Summit hop varieties, and is grown primarily in the United States.

The flavor profile of Azacca hops is characterized by a delightful blend of tropical fruit and citrus notes, with mango, papaya, tangerine, and pineapple being the most prominent. Complementing these fruity flavors are hints of spicy pine and grassy undertones, making it an incredibly versatile hop for a wide range of beer styles. Typically, Azacca hops are used for their aromatic and flavor contributions, particularly in American pale ales, IPAs, and even fruity or hop-forward saison styles. With its moderate alpha acid content, typically ranging between 12-16%, it can be utilized effectively for both bittering and late addition purposes.

As a homebrewer, Azacca hops are an excellent addition to your brewing toolkit, offering a unique and exciting twist to your recipes. Experiment with these hops in single-hopped beers or as a complementary hop in combination with other varieties to bring out the best of their tropical and citrusy characteristics. Whether you're brewing a bright, fruity IPA or a refreshing saison, Azacca hops are sure to elevate your brew to new heights, captivating your palate with every sip.


Alpha Acid

9.8 < 15.0 < 15.3 %

Beta Acid

2.0 < 2.0 < 5.4 %


7.1 < 33.3 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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