Mandarina Bavaria Hops

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Mandarina Bavaria hops, first bred in the early 2010s by the German Hop Research Institute in Hüll, have quickly become a favorite among homebrewers and professional brewers alike. These distinctive hops are the result of crossing American Cascade with Hallertauer hops, which are a classic German hop variety. Mandarina Bavaria hops have inherited the best of both worlds, combining the citrusy and fruity character of the Cascade with the noble and refined essence of the Hallertauer. The result is a hop variety that has made its mark in the craft beer scene, particularly in the United States and Europe.

The flavor profile of Mandarina Bavaria hops is dominated by its namesake mandarin orange character, with underlying notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and a subtle hint of earthiness. These hops boast a moderately high alpha acid content, typically ranging from 7% to 10%, which contributes to a well-rounded, balanced bitterness when used in brewing. Due to their distinct flavor and aroma, Mandarina Bavaria hops are ideal for use in a wide range of beer styles, including but not limited to IPAs, Pale Ales, Saisons, and even traditional German lagers. The versatility of these hops makes them a valuable addition to any homebrewer's hop inventory, offering an opportunity to experiment and create unique, flavorful brews with a modern, international twist.


Alpha Acid

6.1 < 8.5 < 10.7 %

Beta Acid

2.0 < 6.0 < 6.0 %


7.4 < 44.2 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Aroma

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