Hüll Melon Hops

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Hüll Melon is an intriguing hop variety that originated in Germany, specifically from the Hop Research Institute in Hüll, after which it is named. This relatively new hop, released in 2012, was developed as a crossbreed between two hop varieties, Cascade and a wild German hop, through a process of controlled breeding. Known for its unique flavor profile and versatility in brewing, Hüll Melon has quickly gained popularity among craft brewers and homebrewers alike.

The distinct flavor profile of Hüll Melon hops sets it apart from more traditional hop varieties, as it imparts delightful fruity notes of honeydew melon, strawberry, and a subtle hint of apricot. This hop variety is best known for its aroma contributions, with a mild bitterness that complements the fruit-forward characteristics. Hüll Melon hops shine in a variety of beer styles, such as Pale Ales, IPAs, Hefeweizens, and Blonde Ales, where its fruity characteristics can be showcased. Due to its lower alpha acid content, typically ranging from 6.9% to 7.5%, Hüll Melon is most commonly used for late additions in the brewing process, including whirlpool and dry-hopping, to accentuate the delicate fruit flavors and aromas without imparting excessive bitterness.

As a homebrewer, you can experiment with Hüll Melon hops to create unique and refreshing beers that stand out from traditional offerings. Incorporating Hüll Melon into your recipes will add a twist to your brews, offering a pleasant and unexpected melon and berry character that will surprise and delight your fellow beer enthusiasts. So, don't hesitate to embrace this innovative hop variety and explore the new dimensions it can bring to your homebrew creations.


Alpha Acid

4.5 < 7.2 < 8.1 %

Beta Acid

2.0 < 7.5 < 7.9 %


9.7 < 47.6 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Aroma

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