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Dual Purpose
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HBC 1019 was developed by the Hop Breeding Company, a collaboration between John I. Haas and Yakima Chief Ranches. It is the product of a 2016 cross between two developmental varieties. This hop is not only agronomically advantageous, boasting high yields and an early harvest window, but it also presents a potent and pleasing mix of flavors. The flavor profile of HBC 1019 is reminiscent of a tropical and citrus fruit cocktail, which makes it an excellent choice for brewers looking to impart a bold, fruity, and complex character to their beers.

The aromatic qualities of HBC 1019 are impressive, with a spectrum that includes citrus, fruity and caramel notes. This hop variety is described as having a neo-mexicanus profile, which is known for its wild and vibrant flavors. The additional descriptors of peaches and cream, rhubarb and custard, piña colada, palm, and coconut shell suggest a hop that can contribute a distinctive and exotic touch to a brew. HBC 1019 imparts a bold and tropical character, making it suitable for IPAs, pale ales, or any beer style where a pronounced fruit-forward hop presence is desired.


Alpha Acid

9.6 < 11.0 < 17.1 %


14.9 < 39.9 < 98.7 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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